"Nick Tree’s album takes you on a tour of the heart’s dark side, embracing the darkness and exploring raw emotional depths, yet with its folkish heart, swelling soul and tunes that will take up residence in your brain. While it takes, it always comes back up hopefully staring at the sun, reminding you it’s bliss to be alive"
Paul Stokes, Q Magazine.

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Keeping with the tradition of song writing as confessional, Nick Tree meticulously draws upon his personal notebooks to present music that is honest, stripped down and written without an audience in mind.

Seeking distance from problems in his personal life in the UK, Nick travelled from east to west across the USA, documenting his experiences on the road to recovery. On his return home, he formed a band and retreated to the island of Platts Eyot in order to distill these musings into what is now the E.P “A Story Born in Wonderland” – a record that he felt he needed to make to bring closure. He was joined by Tom Keech, who pushed himself to his creative limits and beyond, producing the entire record and playing multiple instruments on it (some of which he learnt on the day of recording), as well as John Williams and Sam Hillage, whose accomplished rhythm section gave structure to the raw creativity of this chaotic and cathartic outpouring.

The Nick Tree Band
A story born in wonderland (compilation)
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