ASDA – Back To School TVC Campaign

from Nick Tree

Shot during lockdown, we asked 4 other photographers to shoot their families as they prepared to go back to school. Inspired by ‘Isolated Trees’, I also shot my family and directed the other photographers to create this piece alongside Art Director and Brand Consultant Camilla Treharne for ASDA’s prestigious back to school TVC campaign for 2020, as well as handling the edit and colour grade.

A Production Factory Production

Concept & Art Director – Camilla Treharne

Director of Photography – Nick Tree

Editor/sound design – Nick Tree

Colourist – Nick Tree

Producer – Ellie Henninger

TV producer – Natalie Reid

Photography – Silent Tapes

Photography – Paul Thorburn

Photography – Paul Farrell

Photography – Jay Fenwick

Sound Mix – Tom Keech

Voice Over – Cara Theobold

Voice Over Record – Peter and Drew at Soho Voices

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